Demand Valve (D-DV-W-RC)

Demand Valve (D-DV-W-RC)

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Demand Valve (D-DV-W-RC)

Used to provide high-concentration oxygen for conscious, injured divers


It can be used on all DAN oxygen units with 6 ft hoses that have a DISS connector on one end and quick connector on the other end.

Hard-wearing thermoplastic body with all internal parts made of stainless steel.

Robust to minimized damage from handling

Corrosion free

Superior performance with reduced breathing resistance

No maintenance requirements

Demand valve hose connection is a quick connect end fitting, making it more flexible and quicker to assemble and disassemble.


Required operating pressure: 40 – 80 psi (2.7 – 5.5 bar)

Maximum flow capacity 165 LPM (peak 200 LPM) at 65 psi (4.5 bar)

Cracking (trigger) pressure: < 1 cm H2O (< 0.1 kPa)

Exhalation resistance: < 3 cm H2O (< 0.3 kPa)

Limiting pressure:  < 60 cm H2O (< 6 kPa) through secondary safety valve

Inlet filter: 25 micron

Note that these demand valves are not compatible with the old hoses.



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