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The DAN Tag offers divers an easy way to display important information that may help medical personnel respond quicker and more effectively in the event of a dive emergency.

When diving with a DAN Tag, your name, DAN ID number, date of birth, drug allergies, and emergency contact are available to first responders — even if you can’t communicate.

This information can help rescuers make informed decisions about your care and enable them to alert your family or spouse about your condition no matter where in the world you are diving.

Crafted from aluminum and laser engraved with your information, the DAN Tag is anodized for corrosion resistance and easily attaches to your BCD with a stainless steel ring.

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DAN Enhanced Membership

DAN Enhanced Membership includes up to US$500,000 in emergency medical transportation and travel assistance benefits, new global security evacuation coverage, new search and rescue coverage, and a continuing subscription to the print edition of Alert Diver magazine.