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DAN 6' Signaling Sausage

DAN 6' Signaling Sausage

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The DAN Signaling Sausage was created to provide peace of mind, and high visibility to divers who find themselves too far from the boat. When fully inflated, this surface marker provides a six-foot column of High Visibility Orange tubing with a strip of radar reflective material in the center that is easily detectable up to 500 meters away.

  • 6-foot orange sausage with 2-inch reflective strip on both sides
  • Radar reflective panel located inside the tube
  • Purge valve
  • Low-pressure inflator attachment
  • Velcro mesh storage pocket
  • Secondary lift bag with 30lb lift capacity
  • Velcro safety strap

Three ways to inflate:

  • Orally
  • Connecting to low-pressure inflator hose
  • Purge second stage into the bottom opening of the signaling device



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