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Rescue Pack Extended w/o cylinder w/MTV - Metric

Rescue Pack Extended w/o cylinder w/MTV - Metric

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This unit contains the same components as the DAN Rescue Pak Ext. Care without the cylinder and with metric regulators w/MTV included. *NO CYLINDER INCLUDED

An MTV (Manually Triggered Ventilator) allows ventilations to be performed with oxygen in concentrations nearing 100 percent.

Proper training is required to administer oxygen. To find an instructor near you, visit DAN Training

Kit details:

Brass multi-function regulator with 2 DISS threaded outlets, 1 barbed constant flow outlet, and 1 pressure gauge in psi.

Thermoplastic MTV, maintenance, and corrosion free, with quick connect fitting.

6 ft white oxygen hose with stainless steel end connections; 1 DISS connector, 1 quick connect fitting

Note: This hose is not interchangeable with versions requiring DISS connectors on both ends 

Unit dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches

Weight: 16 pounds

Made in the USA

Kit includes:

  • 1- 1600 Pelican waterproof case
  • 1- Metric Brass multi-function Regulator
  • 1- MTV (D-MTV)
  • 1- 6 ft. white quick connect hose
  • 2- Non-Rebreather Mask
  • 1- Oronasal Resuscitation Mask (pocket mask)
  • 1- 02 Assembly Slate



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