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DAN Rescue Pk

DAN Rescue Pk

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Oxygen, water and food are necessary for life, and of the three, the lack of oxygen will lead to death most rapidly. Dive injuries such as lung barotrauma, decompression illness and near drowning decrease a diver’s ability to metabolize oxygen.

Providing emergency oxygen at concentrations nearing 100 percent can reduce damage to oxygen starved tissues, making a dramatic difference in injured divers’ condition, and improving their response to further medical treatment.

The DAN Rescue Pak is a small, lightweight and portable oxygen delivery system designed for activities being conducted close to emergency services. With an approximately 20 minute supply of oxygen, this kit can significantly improve a person’s chances of recovery when dealing with a diving related injury.

Proper training is required to administer oxygen, to find an instructor near you visit DAN Training


When filled, this unit provides approximately:

·         23 minutes of delivery time @ 10 liters per minute, and

·         15 minutes of delivery time @ 15 liters per minute.

M9 Cylinder: 255 liters/9 cu. ft when full.

Brass multi-function regulator with 2 DISS threaded outlets, 1 barbed constant flow outlet, and 1 pressure gauge in psi.

Thermoplastic demand valve, maintenance and corrosion free, with quick connect fitting

Green 6 ft oxygen hose with stainless steel end connections; 1 DISS connector, 1 quick connect fitting

Note: This hose is not interchangeable with versions requiring DISS connectors on both ends 

Unit dimensions: 16 x 13 x 7 inches

Weight: 14 pounds

Proper training is required to administer oxygen. To find an instructor near you, visit DAN Training


  • 1- Compact, waterproof case
  • 1- Brass multi-function regulator
  • 1- Demand Valve (D-DV-W-RC)
  • 1- Green 6 ft hose w/quick connect
  • 1- M9 cylinder - Green
  • 1- Oronasal resuscitation mask
  • 1- Non-rebreather mask
  • 1- Handwheel wrench
  • 1- O2 Assembly slate



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