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The Ears & Diving

The Ears & Diving

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DAN’s 36-page Ears & Diving booklet discusses ear issues that every diver has experienced while in or around the water. Though the ear is a complex organ, this booklet simply explains the anatomy of the inner ear, common injury symptoms and treatment, hygiene and medical conditions. Multiple equalization techniques are also discussed in detail since ear problems account for almost 40% of diver’s medical-related correspondence with DAN. This is one resource that no diver should be without.

This booklet includes ears & diving information including:

  • Key information
    • Anatomy of the Ear
    • Middle ear equalization
    • Injuries
    • Middle ear barotrauma (MEBT)
    • Tympanic membrane rupture
    • Inner ear barotrauma
    • Perilymph fistula
    • Alternobaric vertigo
    • Middle ear barotrauma
    • Facial baroparesis
    • Temporamandibular joint syndrome
    • Surfer’s ear
    • Swimmer’s ear
  • Symptoms
    • Seasickness or motion sickness
    • Vertigo
    • Tinnitus
    • Hearing
  • Hygiene
    • Aural hygiene
    • Earplugs
    • Eardrops
    • Ear ventilation tubes
  • Medical Conditions
    • Meniere’s Disease
    • Deviated Septum



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